The Book

Hear Our Voice: One Israel by Howard Teich“Our generation…has a greater responsibility than many other generations to carry the torch, and to insure that it stays lt for posterity. We have been through darkness, and this is the era of light for our people.” – HT

A formula for peace in the Middle in the Middle East exists – if the world is brave enough to put it into action.

The author of HEAR OUR VOICE makes a compelling case through years of his writings for Israel declaring sovereignty over- or annexing- Judea and Samaria: a return to our Jewish homeland, protecting Israel’s security, the unacceptability of Arab Palestinians demands to remove all Jews in a peace settlement, and the future of Jews, Christians, and Arab Palestinians living together in these lands.

In a controversial and bold statement from a surprising source- a non-Orthodox Jewish Democrat- HEAR OUR VOICE suggests that Israel act now for the future of Judea, Samaria, and the eternal, undivided capital of the State of Israel, Jerusalem. Israel’s ancestors awaited the return to this land. Now, further prayer and action are required for the reality of ONE ISRAEL.